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PromoPlugs is dedicated to developing the Social Media strategies you need to succeed!

We offer a comprehensive suite of Social Media Tools designed to reward followers in return for talking about you! We allow you to set up  Social Media actions (Tweet, Follow, Like, Etc) and assign rewards to each action! You can raffle stuff off, assign micro payments to every action, email out coupons, etc! The options are limitless.

Our unique marketing strategy allows us to be one of the cheapest and most effective in the market! At just $3/Day you are guaranteed to see results in an increase of followers, site visits, and sales! We’re completely free through 5/15/15!


a few months ago we launched our Social Media Campaign Alpha Trials over at CryptoTycoons.com. The initial service was crude, buggy, and a pain in the neck to maintain, but it performed its task well. It proved that their was a market for A Social Media Action Campaigning system.

Current Status

We’ve proudly entered into our beta trials at PromoPlugs.com!   In an effort to test the market and get costumer feedback, we’ve decided to offer all of our services for free for 3 months!

Current Capabilities

We’ve chosen to focus our beta release on integrating Twitter and Facebook actions into our campaign system. Currently, Campaign owners have the ability to set up Like, Follow, Share, Send, Tweet, Retweet, and Visit Link actions. We’ve decided to focus on Twitter and Facebook because they’re the biggest markets by far, and are already geared towards the type of marketing we’re focused on!

Stay tuned for more updates!


I’m a web developer by trade, with a background in Computer Engineering.
I’m the owner of PromoPlugs.com and CryptoTycoons.com. I’ve got a passion for CryptoCurriencies, and although, and occasionally set up services for various coins!

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