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Anyone who’s set up a traditional style Advertising campaign knows it can get expensive fast. Twitter estimates that you should pay upwards of $2 for every follow, Link, and Retweet! Google Adsense charges anywhere from a few cent to +$20 per click for popular key words!

Our goal was to come up with a cheap and effect means of marketing. doesn’t care what word you market! Their’s no Pay per Click or Pay per impression. Our service charges a flat rate fee of just $3/day (Free until 5/15/15!)!

An entire day of advertisement costs less than a single Adsense click may cost!

Read on to find out how we achieved this!

 Why you should be Advertising on Social Media

Facebook has 1.4 Billion Active Users

Twitter has 285 Million Active Users

For the purposes of this arguement, we will be focused on Facebook.

“Facebook users have on average 190 Friends.”


With this in mind, the potential for a Social Media Advertising Campaign is astronomical!

Social Network Marketing

If you begin with only 100 followers, and 10% of them participate. That means that 10 people just publicly stated interest in your product.

Assuming 190 friend, 190 x 10 = 1,900 (plus the original 100!) people just heard about you! Again, if we consider that 10% of these users participate…

Source: Mark Smiciklas via Flikr

Source: Mark Smiciklas via Flikr

190 x 190 = 36,100- users have now heard about you!

3,610 x 190 = 685,900

As you can see, if your campaign gains even small following, it can blow up!

Word of Mouth Advertising

According to Forbes:

“92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.”

source: Forbes

Our Social Media Strategy was to come up with a software suite that allowed you to exponentially increase the amount of, and quality of organic posts (Word of Mouth) on social media! Unlike when you advertise through Facebook, Google, or Twitter, the posts that result from our campaigns are not marked “Advertisement” in any way. For all intents and purposes they look completely organic.

This means that when Bob enters into your campaign by posting how great your product is, 190 people will see what appears to be Bob going out of his way to praise you simply because you are so great!


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