5 Free Tools for identifying Trending Topics

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Like every social media manager or blog owner, your primary objective is driving more traffic to your site. One of the best ways to get more traffic is through viral marketing. Viral marketing uses social networking services to perform trend analysis on relevant topics, so that you can create similar content with an increased chance of getting shared. This post will go over 6 techniques for identifying trending topics for you to write content on!

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How to Design a Lucrative Email Marketing Strategy

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You’ve probably heard it a million times “Mailing lists are free sales.” Collect emails of potential buyers. Start a Email Marketing Campaign at say MailChimp.com, and watch the sales flood in. What they don’t tell you is how to compete step one. Get high quality, targeted subscribers.

Email subscribers are the most lucrative asset of any Social Media marketing Strategy. They’re a list of potential customers who’ll likely lead to easy sales. Furthermore, obtaining email addresses of potential clients gives you the opportunity to build relationships, resulting in potentially regular returning traffic. It should be any website’s priority to grow an email list.

Some say that with the emergence of social media marketing, Email is no longer needed. But the numbers disagree;

  • 66% of online customers in 2014 (ages 15+), made a purchase as a result of email marketing.
  • 91% of working age adults check their emails at least once a day. Most by mobile phone.
  • 70% of mobile purchases were the result of an email.

So how do you go about building a list of potential customers?

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Action Campaigns

Anyone who’s set up a traditional style Advertising campaign knows it can get expensive fast. Twitter estimates that you should pay upwards of $2 for every follow, Link, and Retweet! Google Adsense charges anywhere from a few cent to +$20 per click for popular key words!

Our goal was to come up with a cheap and effect means of marketing. PromoPlugs.com doesn’t care what word you market! Their’s no Pay per Click or Pay per impression. Our service charges a flat rate fee of just $3/day (Free until 5/15/15!)!

An entire day of advertisement costs less than a single Adsense click may cost!

Read on to find out how we achieved this!

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Welcome to PromoPlugs!


PromoPlugs is dedicated to developing the Social Media strategies you need to succeed!

We offer a comprehensive suite of Social Media Tools designed to reward followers in return for talking about you! We allow you to set up  Social Media actions (Tweet, Follow, Like, Etc) and assign rewards to each action! You can raffle stuff off, assign micro payments to every action, email out coupons, etc! The options are limitless.

Our unique marketing strategy allows us to be one of the cheapest and most effective in the market! At just $3/Day you are guaranteed to see results in an increase of followers, site visits, and sales! We’re completely free through 5/15/15!

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