4 Tips For a Successful Social Media Strategy

Target Engage Convert

Today, more than 70 percent of adults log onto the Internet and use some sort of Social Media. With this knowledge in mind, Social Media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and even review sites like Yelp can give you the edge you need to succeed in the market! These websites are a direct link to forming personal, lasting relationships with your prospective costumers!

Key to any Social Media Strategy is a customer-centric strategy. You only get one chance to make your first impression, and potential customers can unfollow you with a simple click. One wrong move, and you could blow countless sales! Not to worry though, follow these 4 basic steps from our Social media Strategy to generate a positive, customer-centric strategy.

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Action Campaigns

Anyone who’s set up a traditional style Advertising campaign knows it can get expensive fast. Twitter estimates that you should pay upwards of $2 for every follow, Link, and Retweet! Google Adsense charges anywhere from a few cent to +$20 per click for popular key words!

Our goal was to come up with a cheap and effect means of marketing. PromoPlugs.com doesn’t care what word you market! Their’s no Pay per Click or Pay per impression. Our service charges a flat rate fee of just $3/day (Free until 5/15/15!)!

An entire day of advertisement costs less than a single Adsense click may cost!

Read on to find out how we achieved this!

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