A to Z of Social Media Marketing

Your first stab at Social Media Marketing is likely a confusing, exhausting experience. A guest author of ours has composed a list of need to know terms in order to make it in the Social Media Marketing world!

A – Avatar – Avatar is the picture that represents you. Businesses frequently use their logo, a picture of their premises or their mascot as their avatar on social media profiles.
B- Blog – Your company blog will and should play a key role in your social media strategy. You can add social media sharing buttons to your blog so that your readers can share your content, additionally, blog posts and articles are the perfect type of content to share on your social media to keep followers engaged.

C – Content – following from the previous point, nobody will share your posts or will comment on them unless you have quality content that is engaging as well as valuable and informative.

D – Dooced – Dooced is the term used when somebody loses their job because of their behaviour online or publishing controversial materials and content that damages your company’s brand a perception. Here is an example of somebody who got dooced.

E – Engagement – This is the main purpose of social media. It is not about how many likes your page has or how many people follow you on Twitter. The key to success is engaging with your audiences and connecting with them.

F – Facebook – This is a staple platform to any successful social media strategy. Still don’t have a business page? Here is an easy step-by-step guide to get you started.

G – Google+ – Google is the one stop shop for growing your social media influence. You can create a profile on Google+, post content, join circles etc.

H – Hashtag – A hashtag is a single word or phrase preceded by the # symbol to define messages relating to a particular topic. Hashtags are most commonly used on Twitter however they have been introduced to Facebook and Google+ as well. A word of advice: don’t overdo it with hashtags. #nobody #likes #to #read #like #this.

I – Images – Images are an important factor for social media success. Humans are visual creatures so make sure you include good-quality images as part of your social media strategy.

J- Jokes – Yes, social media is to be taken seriously, but having said this, most people log in to the networking sites with the intention to entertain themselves. Cracking a joke here and there would make you appear more human and approachable.

K- Keywords – Similarly to search engine optimization, social media is influenced (although not directly) by keywords and buzzwords. What are the trending buzzwords of today? What do people talk about? Find out and join the conversation.

L – Leads – Social media is a great tool to help you generate and nurture leads. It’s not just about posting content, it is about encouraging people to take the next step – visit your website, come to your shop, purchase from you. Here is a quick guide to help you with that.

M – Management – I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they do ‘a little bit of Facebook and a little bit of Twitter’. Social media is not to be taken lightly. If you want to see results, you will need to strategize and manage appropriately. Consider what kind of content is suitable for you, how often you are going to post updates, will you run a contest etc.

N-Newsfeed – A news feed is a list of news posted on a particular platform. Newsfeeds exist on your Facebook profile page, on blogs and on Twitter.

O- Optimization – Optimization, be it on social media or search engines is all about making improvements. Social media optimization envelops tasks such as driving traffic, generating leads, and engaging with your subscribers and followers through social media channels.

P- Pinterest – Is a photo sharing site where users create themed image collections around events, interests or pastimes. Users can browse pinboards and add or “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos.

Q- Quality vs Quantity of followers- When it comes to followers, it’s about quality rather than quantity. Smart social media marketers realize that the number of followers is insignificant compared to the comments, engagement and interactions with followers.

R- Real-time – Social media networks and Twitter in particular give the opportunity for real-time marketing platform. You can take advantage of a live event, planned or otherwise. The ultimate example remains the Oreo ‘you can still dunk in the dark’ tweet during the 2013 Superbowl power outage.

S- Social CRM- Social CRM is still about CRM (but evolved), meaning a system of processes for managing customer relationships. Traditional CRM is very much based around data that businesses collect about their customers. Social CRM has the same underlying principle, however the data curation and engagement are sustained through social media channels.

T- Troll- Anyone who posts controversial or deliberately offensive or irrelevant messages in any online community is called a troll. Under no circumstances should your brand and business be ever associated with the act of trolling.

U- User-generated content – Tapping into the immense power of your fan/customer base and use their authentic and original content to power their marketing campaigns. This content could be in the form of comments, posts about your products and service, YouTube videos etc. The easiest way to get started is to encourage customers to snap photos of themselves using your product in exchange for an entry into a contest.

V – Viral – It is a marketing campaign that’s so popular it ‘goes viral’. Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence.

W- Wall – This is any shared discussion board. Each Facebook account has a ‘wall’ , where all comments and posts are ‘public’ to those permitted to view.

X – X Factor – No, not the show, but the concept. The world of social media is hugely competitive and unless you have the x-factor you will get drowned. Think about what makes you and your business stand out from the crowd, what makes your content unique. Make it different!

Y- YouTube – Video is obviously a great new gap in the social media arena and Facebook and Twitter are both rumoured to be working on major new changes on their platforms so that they accommodate more and better video content. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential that you have some kind of presence on YouTube. Be it creating and distributing content or even just finding content that your audiences resonate with and sharing it.

Z- Zombies – Zombies are undead and similarly, social media zombies are there, but not quite. They have a Twitter account that they haven’t posted on since 2010, they haven’t fully completed their accounts and miss basic contact information, they never know what to say on social media, they never reply to queries from followers… you get the idea.

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